Contact Details

This work is being led by

  • Alastair Dunning (4TU.Centre for Research Data, TU Delft) (a.c.dunning @@@ at tudelft.nl)
  • Angelina Kraft (TIB Hannover) (angelina.kraft AT tib.eu)


All text is available for re-use as CC-BY (Version 4.0)

All photos are copyright PhotoA.nl

Background to Work

This work on Research Data Management is part of the CESAER task force in Open Science.

The aims of the Task Force are to

  • act as a pool of experts to proactively influence European policies in Open Science, react flexibly and rapidly on requests from the European institutions feeding into the decision-making by the Board of Directors and support our President in his representation in the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP)
  • promote and achieve open access to scientific literature by supporting our Members in open access publishing and working with initiatives and organisations that have this objective
  • support initiatives to use transparent business models that are based on covering the true cost of the publishing process
  • learn from each other through sharing experiences, identifying best practices and providing guidance through the development of principles & guidelines for FAIR and secure data


CESAER is the European association of doctorate-granting specialised and comprehensive universities of science & technology that champion excellence in higher education, training, research and innovation, influence debate, contribute to the realisation of open knowledge societies and deliver significant scientific, economic, social and societal impact.

All universities active within engineering can contribute. Please contact us.