FAIR data case studies

FAIR Data Habits of an Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy Researcher

Engineering Sector: Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy; Simulation of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
Community preferences: Tools: FLOWER, tecplot, own scripts Format: Restart-files (binary, proprietary), flow surface and volume data (binary, proprietary)
Sharing: Email, personally
Overall FAIRness: ORANGE
F No
A  Partially
I No
R No

Overall FAIRness visualisation:



In this case study, the research focus is on simulation of aerodynamics and aeroacoustics, with a particular focus on the flight characteristics of helicopters. The research is carried out in close cooperation with industry partners.

Data volumes are often in TB range (approx. 50 TB per PhD candidate and project).  usally small, im MB range.


The researcher clearly states that the Geometry-Data of the helicopters belong to the industry partners. However, ‘ownership’ of the produced simulation data is not always clear. Often they stay with the university/faculty, but for publications the researchers still need the consent of the industry partner(s). As such the researchers clearly state that not the full data set, but rather only processed and evaluated parts are published in journals and at conferences.


“[managing and publishing research data] is difficult in engineering due to cooperation with industry partners on interesting, technically relevant problems. Less problematic for fundamental research, but requirements on the actual data layout and format are widely differing.”

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