FAIR data case studies

FAIR data habits of Process Engineering Researcher – Case Study

Engineering Sector: Process Engineering

Community preferences:

Excel Spreadsheet
Use Case Specific Hardware / Equipment
Proprietary File Formats
File Server
Cloud Services
Overall FAIRness: ORANGE
F No
A No
I No
R Partially

Overall FAIRness visualisation:



In this example within mechanical engineering, only processed, sometimes visualized data are published (often in agreement with a contractor) as supplementary materials. This happens mostly when data publication is required by the publisher’s guidelines.  Any other data or software code / product is confidential and underlies also am controlled storage access. Sometimes raw data have to be erased after processing. Usually, details of the data analysis and source code remain within the institute. Data sharing is mostly done within a project or institute, or sometimes within an off-site collaboration.


Confidential data from companies, storage is access controlled. Management of rights and rules. Sometimes raw data have to be erased after processing. All processing of data from private partners is stipulated by contract.

Publishing results of projects means to interpret them, all data related to this work can be published, as well. For that purpose all data from companies are edited to reveal only relative numbers, absolute values remain secret/hidden.


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