FAIR data case studies

FAIR data habits of Civil and Environmental Engineering Researcher – Case Study

Engineering Sector: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Community preferences:

Programming Tools
Sourcefiles C++
Python Scripts
VTK files
Overall FAIRness: ORANGE
F Partially
A Partially
I Partially
R Partially

Overall FAIRness visualisation:



In this example within the sector of civil and environmental engineering, source code and analysed, visualized data files represent the main research data types. Publications mostly cover source code, which is documented and published using mostly GitHub. The underlying data used for analysis is commonly not published but rather used as visual representations in the publications directly. The use case participant reported no known metadata standards or standards for underlying data publication in this discipline.


Software is published open-source in a public git-repository. In addition, we have an extra module to publish the exact software and scripts that are the basis of a publication. In this module, others can execute the code in the environment to get the data of the publication.

Our own group supports open science and tries to be as transparent as possible. We have our own experiences with bad documented data and results and try to make it better. In other groups I felt less willingness.


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