This website is for information related to the CESAER Taskforce on Open Science, and in particular on its sub-group looking at how the Technical Universities in Europe deal with Engineering and Research Data Management.

The group is working on two tasks

Task 1 – FAIR Data in Engineering (2018-19)

Read – Summary of First Findings on FAIR Data in Engineering

  1. FAIR data habits of Mechanical & Material Engineering Researcher – Case Study
  2. FAIR data habits of Civil and Environmental Engineering Researcher – Case Study
  3. FAIR data habits of Process Engineering Researcher – Case Study
  4. FAIR data habits of Wind Energy Researcher – Case Study
  5. FAIR data habits of a Molecular Thermodynamics Researcher – Case Study
  6. FAIR data habits in Applied Ergonomics and Design – Case Study

Identifying good practice examples on FAIR data and, later on, exchanging experiences regarding training & advocacy

Task 2 – Choosing a Data Archive (2019)

Evaluation and comparison of research data management systems and platforms (from the point of view of institutions and departments rather than individual researchers)